Role: Strategist + Copywriter

As a new foodie app in the market, Yumlist has a unique feature that it’s competitors don’t have. Socializing. Through this integrated campaign my team & I came out with a series of OOH ads, as well as a interactive ad & a social media installation to get people to download Yumlist.


Not just another food app. Imagine tinder, but for food. That’s Yumlist. An app that allows you to swipe left or right on local foods that you like, and what your friends like


As a new app in the already well dominated foodie market, Yumlist is trying to make a name for itself. Our goal is to get people to download Yumlist and use it.

The BIG Idea

Swipe right to feed your hunger.

Main Message

With Yumlist finding a cool place to eat with your friends is a swipe away.


Showing millennial foodies that discovering new places to eat are right in their backyard.

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